Who we are and why we do it.


We are Frank and Tatiana. We live in a very old (built in 1904) house on 8.5 acres in Cambridge , MN. We both work full time and on days off we like playing house and farm (:

Our daughter, Alice, is a college student. She likes art, writing, cats and Doctor Who.

We want to blog about how we did it. How people can take their lives into their own hands and change things. You make your own life, you do it yourself.


When my Husband tells the story, he usually says that I bought a horse and we had to move because suburban backyard just wasn’t big enough to keep it. This is…true. Except there were two horses.

So we moved from Arizona to Colorado. Which wasn’t my choice, I wanted MN. But Husband said that he isn’t knocking icicles off the toilet seat in summer…

That was in 2003.

I tried to like it there for 8 years.
Summers were too hot.There was lots of cactus and not enough trees. The hay was expensive. The garden didn’t grow. Coyotes ate the chickens. And the house was an ugly grey box…
So we moved again.

We found a perfect little old house in Minnesota and moved. Moved the horses, pigs, sheep and a goat, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds and a pet skunk. Am I forgetting to mention anyone? Well, if I did, we moved them too, you don’t leave family behind.

And here we are now, three years later, starting this blog.
Welcome to the Home of Many tails! Welcome to DIY life!


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