Doll page.

June 2017.

May 31, 2017.


This is Poppy (Minouche doll Jeanne by Sylvia Natterer, 2015). Poppy is a perfect 14 inches, extremely poseable , stands well and has the cutest expression. This was my birthday present this year and I think this is my absolute favorite doll. I ordered her from Amazon. UK after looking for weeks! I sometimes wonder if any of the dolls make it to actual kids, or collectors get them all?  😉


Sadly, being 14inches, Poppy has no ready made clothes patterns that fit her. But she seems to be enjoying helping me make some 😉

Poppy is the perfect size to go on trips in my backpack, for some emotional support





March 9, 2017.


My new Gotz girls have arrived! All the way from Britain! There is not enough exclaation marks to show my excitement 😉 I think they are the prettiest dolls out there. Their coloring is so nice, delicate pink with just a touch of blush. I now have three Gotz girls, surprusingly, don’t have the picture of the third one, will need to remedy that tomorrow 😉

Here are Chloe (Paulette) and Tally (Jodie), rewigged. I rather like the change.

This is my favorite face sculpt of Kidz N cats dolls.

I am also trying to downsize my American girls down to three. Wish me luck!



January 31, 2017.

January 3, 2017.

I am going to start the Doll page in hopes that it will become a Doll blog at some point. But so far I can’t come up with the name or the time to maintain another blog, so page it will be.


Sydney, aka Princess in Mint by Kidz n Cats


My love of dolls goes back into the childhood, where most of the pretty dolls were from Germany. They were blond and blue eyed. Since then I have strong dislike of anything blond and blue eyed. Needless to say, most of my dolls have different shades of brown hair and eyes of any color but blue. Not all, but most 😉 Some were too beautiful for me to resist and some were in too pitiful of a shape not to buy.




Until next time