Soren and Cinderella.

20140606_131712They were wild caught as babies back when it was still legal. They are about 45 years old and we’ve had them for 10 years (how time flies). The birds are by far the messiest of pets, but after so long would be difficult to imagine the house without them.

When we got them, they were in separate cages, but have lived together all their lives. They were reasonably people friendly. Cinderella (the Bare Eyed Cockatoo) gravitated more towards my Husband, and Soren (the Amazon) was more of mama’s bird. You could pick them up and carry around on your shoulder, scratch and feed by hand.

Cinderella used the have seizures when she got overly excited or thought that she was left alone for too long.

And then we had a brainstorming idea. What if we put them together? Everybody benefits from having a friend, right? And it worked. They bonded.  The seizures stopped.

They are no longer friendly, since they are together. And you can’t scratch them or pick them up. But Cinderella lays a few of eggs a year, which must mean that she is happy. And Soren still talks.

The Husband has been teaching him to say “Where is the rum?”, but no luck so far. (;

 October 9, 2014


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