Short repair stories.

March 2017.

Ahh, just read the post below on the backed up plumbing… It happened so many times since! Finally, we scheduled a weekend to get it fixed. That is how it works now, we make appointments with ourselves to get things done πŸ˜‰

Frank replaced a few feet of narrow piping and so far it works great!

Here are some pictures. Please disregard pink fluff and other unmentionables πŸ˜‰


He also put a filter for the whole house. Here is this beauty πŸ˜‰



October 27,2014.

20140926_103804 (1)When your house is a giant thrift store find, you tend to have some repairs. Sometimes they are planned, and other times not so much.

So yesterday, when we were planning to continue our Porch saga adventures, all the upstairs plumbing backed up. I mean all…no kitchen, no shower, no toilet…

This required some quick thinking and a trip to Menards. As a result, by 4 pm we could wash the dishes and use the shower, thanks to my dearest Husband’s cleverly constructed system, that diverted the drains into a different spot. It never stops to amaze me how he make things work (;

As an added bonus, I cleared up and organised some of the clutter in the basement, while Frank was working on the plumbing. Put my many doll houses on shelves and pushed the saddle rack in the corner, so it is not such an eye sore.

The rest is beyond our expertise. so we’ll be calling the septic people to do what needs doing. Wish us luck!

There is a picture of flowers, since the picture of backed up toilet wouldn’t be so nice , I am thinking πŸ˜‰

Thanks. Tat.


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