20141002_144721 Buy pork fat at butcher’s shop. Put it in a crockpot with a bit of water (about a cup will do), cook on low for a few hours. Done!

How easy is that! Very easy (;

Well, there are a few more finer points, but they are not complicated, I promise (;

Your lard will render quicker if you stir the fat a few times during cooking. It breaks down the clumps of ground fat and lets the heat get to all of it.

When your lard is cooked, ladle it into jars through the cheesecloth. It will make it cleaner, as ant stray bits cooked fat (cracklings) will stay out of it. But don’t worry if you do get some cracklings in, they will sink to the bottom of the

I will post detailed pictures when I make the next batch.

And here is the book that has all the fabulous lard containing recipes. I bought mine on Amazon.

Thanks for reading.



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