Blue Lamps.


After some experimenting with different DIY Chalk paint recipes,  I found my favorite combination of ingredients and ratio.

1 Cup of paint20141123_083850

2 tbsp water

4 tbsp Calcium Carbonate.

I like this combination because it gives you a little thicker paint, which is more opaque and has better coverage.


We picked up these two lamps at Goodwill in October. We paid $7 a base and $5 a lampshade. One was dirty white and the other dark green.  We thought that when painted they will go well with our bedroom. Well… they really are the first cottagy addition to the room, but hopefully there will be more soon.

They are painted with Dutch Boy based homemade Chalk paint in brown (Tree bark) and Blue (Rainy Season). I painted brown base coat first. I did two coats, so it’s nice and thick. Then the blue went on top of brown. Next step was a bit of distressing and touching up with the dry brush dipped in brown paint. Then clear wax.

For the lampshades I diluted my brown chalk paint in half with water and did two coats. I put clear wax over the paint when it was dry and buffed it a tad. I would really like to put some quotes in black on the shades, but this is going to have to wait for now.



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