The Ferret Man


The Ferret Man was found dead on May 13, 2015. He had a good old life. The Tubular Man will be missed.

Below is his story.

His name is Gwin. In the Inkspell series there was a horned marten named Gwin. A lot of our pets have names inspired by books.


Gwin camme to us from someone who’s kid got tired of him. They estimated his age at about 1.5 years. That was in 2009, the same year we found our skunkie baby.

What is that saying about cats and potato chips? That you can’t have just one…well…same with ferrets. They are the cutest little furry snakes. (; So Gwin was soon joined by a little shy white lady, named Shnelly (from comic Mutts) and an old man ferret named Dandy (just because, don’t recall at the moment why we named him that). Both from the rescue group.

Gwin and Shnelly got along great, but Dandy proved to be a loner and fought with the other too. I suppose he was too old, about 6 at the time and had hard time getting used to the pair of youngsters.

Dandy and Shnelly went the the Rainbow Bridge in due time and now Gwin is the Old Man Ferret.

He has the run of the Cat Appartments, but prefers to sleep in his own private condo. He     likes Ferretone and Craisins, and a bit of banana at times. (;


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  1. Anja D says:

    nice post I love your blog


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