Chalk paint wonders.

My favorite DIY chalk paint recipe.

After some experimenting with different DIY Chalk paint recipes,  I found my favorite combination of ingredients and ratio. 1 Cup of paint20141123_083850 2 tbsp water 4 tbsp Calcium Carbonate. I like this combination because it gives you a little thicker paint, which is more opaque and has better coverage.

Thanks. Tat (;


        December 2.

Way overdue post on Chalk Paint adventures.

In the last few months I have worked on the following:

20141123_083850Blue lamps (click on either picture to read more)


(Rainy Season and a touch of Tree bark) Lamp shades are in Tree Bark, diluted in half with water.

A small picture frame (Bamboo stalk and a touch of Tree bark, Clear Wax) 20141123_153001

Twin Bed and a headboard (Antique White, Clear Wax)

Nightstand (Antique White and Bamboo stalk) PIC soon

I work with Dutch Boy paint. They have cute little jars of it in 1 cup size. Just add your mixture, shake and you are ready to paint!

Dutch Boy Paint has almost no smell, so I can work in the house, which is an added bonus, especially in winter (:

For finishing the projects I use Fiddes and Son’s Clear Wax. It’s nice and creamy. The smell is a bit strong, but goes away quick, especially if you turn on the fan.

I also use Dutch By Glaze with a bit of brown acrilyc paint added. It dims the color and makes it look old and dignified. (;

I have not had luck with dark wax. But I am determined to conquer it too in the near future.

September 8 

A few months ago I discovered Chalk Paint. Wow!

However, I was not very exited about the price of Annie Sloan Paint.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Pinterest to the rescue, looking for DIY Chalk paint.

I tried and liked the Plaster of Paris recipe, but then read that it might me carcinogenic when inhaled. Well… it might be or not, but if there are such concerns, I will limit the use to a minimum. Another annoying thing about Plaster of Paris, that it hardens on the bottom of a paint jar if you leave it there for a day or so. I use Paint with primer, maybe that’s the reason, but as I don’t want to change the paint, I ‘d rather change the additive. So I ordered Calcium Carbonate powder from Amazon. And I liked it.20141031_090149

At first I mixed 2 tbsp CaCo3, 2 tbsp of water and  1 cup of paint. Seemed a bit runny. So I added another spoonful of CaCo3, and it seemed to be just right. It mixed smooth, went on well, dried fast and distressed nicely.  I have noticed that it does not give quite as much dust as Plaster of Paris when distressing.

I have not tried the grout method. I would like to try Diatomatious Earth method, as we do have a lot of it (we use it as a natural dewormer for all the tails and in the garden).

Last week I ordered more Calcium Carbonate. 20 lb ! And I did buy one of Annie Sloan’s books,Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More. It’s beautiful to look at and has awesome tips.

Watch out old furniture! (;


Alice is working on her desk


Desk finished



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