Barn dwellers

August 2015.

We added more ducks, much to my surprise, as I never wanted to deal with changing water pools and having liquid poo everywhere.  But having overwintered The Blueberry Ladies, we quite enjoyed their company. And after adding Mr.Darcy, we have now added 5 more waddling members of the family.  Two Black Swedish, a Peking, a Blue Swedish and a Mallard. They are all fully grown and there is one male, Black Swedish. Him and Mr.Darcy had a little skirmish at the beginning, but figured things out after that and now exist in relative tolerance.


The Blueberries


We have horses, sheep, potbelly pigs, four types of chickens and two runner ducks (hatched April 2014). In April 2015 we added two Pilgrim geese, Dill and Lill, from Metzer Farms hatchery. And in June 2015 we bought an Ancona drake, Mr.Darcy, to keep company to the Blueberry Ladies, the Runners.

Dill and Lil on arrival.

Dill and Lil on arrival.


Dill and Lill a week old


New chick 2014


Alice holding Dill


Dill and Lill a month old


Mr.Darcy and The Blueberries.


The chickens are Russian Orloff, Easter Eggers (also called Ameraucanas. but who can pronounce that!), White Brahmas and little Black Japanese Bantams. Our rooster in an Easter Egger, so whatever chicks hatch every year, are a mixed breed.

Rooster Boy

We keep them for eggs. And because they are fun to watch.




Suzy Ewe and Brahma chicken

Sheep. We share the sheep every year and I am hoping to have some time to spin the wool this winter. Then again, I am hoping for it every winter (;   Sheep fleece is also used in the garden as mulch.

Sheep are the most annoying animals. They don’t like leaving the barn, even when there is a nice fresh grass out there to eat, but when they finally do, they get into everything, and before you know it, they are eating your strawberry plants (;




Pignelope and Circe





 Pigs are special. We think that people who don’t like pigs lack a sense of humor. Just look at this jelly bean body on little spindly legs, the disk noses and little beady eyes!  I can’t thank my Husband enough for introducing me to the potbelly pigs on our second date. When instead of going somewhere fancy after dinner, we went to see the piggies at his friend’s house. That was love at first oink (;






Horses. Apparently I was fascinated by horses since the tender age of 5 or so. I like having them. We used to ride, but don’t anymore, too many things get in the way. So the girls just enjoy their lives in peace. They don’t mind not being ridden, they would really just rather eat and sleep. In fact, how many people enjoy going to work? Most don’t. The same with horses. But our girls do have an mportant job. They poop. For the garden. Without them we would have to buy a lot of garden dirt.


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