The Porch Saga.

Done. The End of Porch Saga.

August 10, 2015. wpid-20150809_114916.jpg

We finished the roof on the first week of August.  There is still a bit of siding that needs to be put up on the tower for the finishing touch, but the roof bit is done. Rainy weather and gardening pushed us off the roof, so to speak, and the siding will have to wait a tad. Next year the porch will get painted and spiffed up, but for this year I don’t want to deal with it any longer. It would be nice, however, to enclose the future laundry room, so snow and rain don’t get blown in. The plan is to do it before winter, but we’ll see.


Frank cutting the siding for the tower.

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December 3, 2014.

I would have very much liked to say that we are done with the Porch. That we finished all that we planned and are getting on with  our winter projects and holiday preparations.


Beautiful Autumn Harvest shingles


Front view

However…it is not so…and I am ok with it now (;


The Beginnings.

September 7 , 2014 .   Sometimes you have to pick up other people’s slack and finish the job, like when contractor takes off with your money in the middle of the project…We try not to let this get our spirits down. This is a learning experience. You do what you have to. We work together and we even have fun (:


Like I said, we were left  to finish our porch. The contractor did the concrete and some of the framing . The rest was up to us.  There is still most of the roof to frame, cover and shingle.


 September 12, 2014.

Yesterday we passed the preliminary roof inspection. Yaaaay!! We rock! The framing was tricky in some spots. So glad Dear Husband knows what he is doing (;

Now the roof needs to be covered. And all the nail holes gooped, so the roof does not leak…we sure had a lot of that since this project got started  …

009We are wondering if we should put shingles or metal?


September 15 , 2014.

Yesterday we finished sheeting most of the roof. Now just the front gable left to do. Next step is to cover it all with some weatherproofing material. It would be nice to be done this week, as they are promising rain next weekend.



September 28, 2014.

Finished covering most of the roof with Water and Ice barrier. Worked all day. Time for pizza dinner. Was nice of Alice to write down the order on Summer’s 20140928_171230helping back (;



October 5, 2014. 

Had a late start today, and it was cold. Managed to put a metal valley up on one side by the cat garage and cover it with Ice and Water barrier. Installed the drip edge. Put up only 5 rows of shingles, before we got really cold and it was time to take the horses in.  The shingles called Summer Harvest, they are a fun multicolored pattern, which we are hoping will be a nice contrast with the rest of the roof . Something pretty for the squirrels to look at (;





November 4, 2014.

Some progress on the porch over the weekend. All of it done by Dear Husband, as I had cooking and whatnot to accomplish. It sure is getting cold, so cold, in fact, that he had to bring a small propane torch up on the roof to help the sticky stuff stick. If all goes as planned, we’ll only have shingles to do next weekend. Sooo ready for it to be done (;

No pictures. Cold.


December 3

We are not done, but really really close. Winter happens here in MN. It puts a damper on your roofing projects (;

We shingled all of the front, including the little gable. The back of the roof, the bit that is above the breezeway, will have to wait till spring. It is covered with Rain and Snow protection fabric, which is quite tough and should be able to live through one winter

wpid-imag1476.jpg wpid-20141102_140748.jpg wpid-imag1477.jpg


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