January 2017.

We substituted raspberries for strawberries, but otherwise followed the recipe. Frosting is one container of whipping cream, one package of cream cheese, some lemon rind, a splash of lemon juice, sugar to taste ( I usually put 0.5 -1 cup). First you spread jam, then frosting. The jam was strawberry, some homemade, some store bought.

Oh, and for cake itself we only used 3/4 – 1 cup of sugar.




August 2015.

We both had the first week of August off. The Child was away on a Boundary Waters trip. So we had the whole week to ourselves, which has not happened often in almost 13 years of marriage. We worked on house projects (i.e. roof of the porch), did some gardening, actually sat down to watch a TV show and…

…made dessert 😉

     Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake.

Here is the link to the recipe:

We did not put chocolate on top for the simple reason of running out of chocolate chips, but it still turned out quite yummy 😉