Happy Anniversary to Us!

Quite late posting this, but on the week of our wedding anniversary two weeks ago, we made a trip to Stillwater, MN to see some of the antique shops. We don’t often get out, because two tings I dislike is leaving the house and spending money. Having said that, we had great time spending the day together without any apparent purpose, just hang out, talk, eat lunch.

Added bonus, we didn’t spent a lot of money. Most of the stuff in the shops was of the sort ‘it’s hard to dust, it’s probably an antique’, and unjustly expensive. We did buy some trinkets though. Mostly, just looked. It is very inspiring to look at the old things.

And on the way home we stopped at the Goodwill store and got some ugly looking lamps in20141031_090149 just the style I was looking for our bedroom. I since have repainted them and will make a post in Chalkpaint Wonders section in the next few days.

Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to many more (;


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