The smell of happy.

I enjoy going to the barn to feed, especially in the morning. I would not call it chores, since in my opinion, chore is something that drags you down, boring routine. Feeding is fun, so it can’t be chores. Throwing grain and hay in the feeders, being greeted by all the barn dwellers is a special treat, something I  have been looking for since I was little. Since 3, actually. Apparently I was drawing horses already in that tender age, they were green (;

If you lean against the horse, you feel warmth, and kindness, and power. There is also this special smell… For the longest time I could not figure it out. Now I know, it smells of sand…and sea.DSC03047                                                                                                                          In Greek Mythology horses came from the sea and Poseidon is the God of Horses. Maybe back many centuries ago someone leaned against a horse and felt it’s smell, and it smelled of sand, and sea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The smell of happy.



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