They need us more.

We are often asked if the animals we have get enough attention, being that there are quite a few. We like to refer to them as Heartbeats.

This question makes me think.

 20140602_114138They are warm, have plenty of food and treats. They are loved and cared for. They get taken to the doctor if anything is going on. And while there are no expensive beds, collars or toys, there are plenty of blankets, towels and thrift store plushies.

The important thing  is that they are alive.

Most of our animals are special needs, and also quite old. They have no other place to go. People are untrustworthy, you never know if the person you have trusted with the animal won’t chuck it out of the house just because it’s useful/playful time is over.

And while some cats live in the garage, referred to as Cat Appartments, they have a pellet stove in winter, AC in summer, furniture and plenty of litter boxes. These cats don’t get along with the ones inside the actual house, and some of them can’t be trusted to use their litter boxes properly. 20140613_173207

We do what we can with what we’ve got. We save heartbeats and give them a comfortable place to stay.

They need us more than we need them.


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