September 26, 2016.

And just like that the summer is over. Squash is picked. Last green tomatoes are hanging for dear life on the wilted vines. Bugs ate the cucumbers. And the sunflowers are more that 7 feet tall.

We had good success with peppers this year. Red King of the North and Orange Bell. Little red hot damn  Serranos did well too. These I bought as seedlings. I really like them, as they are not killer hot, just enough to take my breath away and can be used green and red.

I found my favorite green bean. It’s a pole bean. I wish I remembered the name and the catalog I got them from. I saved the seeds from three years ago and was growing them just for looks. This year, however, I steamed them. Oh my doggness! I ate the whole pot with only butter on top. They were not overly soft, not squeaky at all and had this taste that reached back to my childhood, when growing up I only saw green beans in cans every so often and enjoyed them immensely. Will have to make sure I have plenty of seeds for next year!

20160910_161925.jpg The Child moved to the dorm this year.

And it feels empty in the house.  My heart has walked away from me and has a life of it’s own now. And this is the way it should be, I know. But I am still a bit sad.








Peaches came to live with us, as her owners couldn’t take care of her any longer. She enjoys long naps, meals worms and cabbage.


Mushrooms! Wine caps are doing terrific! Can’t eat any more, so it is a lot of dried mushrooms for winter. I can see endless mushroom soups and mushroom gravy in the future. Almpnd Agaricus gave us a very small crop and Blewits never came up.  But Wine caps are sure making up for the rest of the mushroom family.



Malabar spinach


Rugoza Violina Butternut squash. Italian, obviously 😉


End of season variety


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  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    WOW, awesome crops! How do you find the time??

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