December 2016.


Merry Christmas every one!

This is Phoebe. She joined us on December 13. She was very skinny and timid.


This is Phoebe three weeks later. She is fatter and bright eyed. Be like Phoebe !

Amazing what a bit of food can do. And she got a voice, quite shrill in fact, and not timid at all. Sleeps between our pillows, not quite like Sid man used to sleep, but close. She is as soft as him. So Sid’s spirit lives on!

We also lost Mossy. He was 12.5 years old and appears to have had a stroke. He died at home within a couple of hours. He will be missed.20160812_155204.jpg

In memory of the Blue Catwp-1482172588849.jpg

As the year draws to an end, those who passed on to the Bridge are remembered with love. Those who live on are appreciated. Many of them are quite old and heart aches at the thought of how many won’t make it till next Christmas.

The happiest of Holidays to all

from our Home of Many Tails

Love and Sid forever



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