August 2018.

The last month of summer is marked by more tomatoes, sunflowers as tall as…well, the tall thing and another attempt at pickles. Masha (from cartoon series Masha and The Bear) turned out to be a very helpful dollchild.

The tomato above is a brandywhine, grown from seeds saved a few years ago.  Definitely one of the favorites that we’ll be growing from now on.  The other must haves will be a German Bicolor, for some reason called Mrs. Robinson, 10 fingers of Naples  (Italian roma style) and probably Glacier Salad. This last one has a lot of 2 -3 inch fruit, fast maturing, looks to be fairly resistaint to disease and has pleasant flavour.

They were very very slow in maturing this year, and then all of a sudden exploded! So there will be a lot of tomato soup this winter 😉

Pickles are ok for the first week or so, but we don’t eat them fast enough, so they just sit in the fridge forever.

Definitely will be slowing down on the garden front next year. Which is a shame, really, as I do enjoy growing different things. But it is getting harder to keep up with the harvest. Will update the Garden page with more info later.

More of helpful Masha 😉 Mmmm..potatoes!

and zucchini pancakes, with sour cream. Von Fox brothers and Dino are ready to join in 🙂


Barn pictures.


Phoebe the button butt on the front porch. Can see Beau running on a mission.



This is what I’ve been working on. A miniature room. Still work in progress.

This beautiful Morning Glory bloomed on our beloved Sid’s grave. Silent hello from the Rainboow Bridge.20180817_103725.jpg

More August. Our very own dryed apples. And sunflowers, of course.


In the last week of August-first week of September we usually take some time off. Nice to have your brain reset, wake up together every day, not to rush anywhere, work on projects, slowly walk through the trees to the barn. Usually we don’t even leave the house  if we don’t have to, so sick of driving during the rest of the year.

Here is Frank moving some top soil bags , closely supervised by Spike 😉


And like this

And more. Spike, of all the dogs, loves car rides!



And…the best for last 😉 we got a puppy. On august 25th. She was 7 weeks old.

She was crawling with fleas and coved in sores, and was tormented by small children. Had to get her.

We could not drive back home for 3.5 hours coved in fleas. So we stopped  at the nearest Walmart, got a few gallons of water, flea shampoo, combs and towells and washed her right in the parking lot.  We were combing fleas for the next two days snd conquered them. The Dawn soap really works!

Daily flea search continued for a while, just to make sure.

We named her Juno.



She loves being outside and is determined to be helping in the garden. Digging mostly 😉

The rest of the little ones are not so sure about this. Poor puppy is all alone on her end of the bed.


We have not had a puppy for 9 years. It is  definitely an almost new experience.


More pictures of projects.

Finally mowed down the huge patch of raspberries that grown to enormous proportions. Also made paths in the good patch of raspberries, so it is easier to get to them. With the garden, hopefully,  smaller next year, I want to concentrate on the berries and trees.

More puppy in the garden. Unfortunately, she loves chasing chickens and ducks.

I went to the Russian store and saw sugar cubes. Nostalgic moment, tea with sugar cubes 😉

Skittles and Juno are helping with book case assembly. Working hard 😉


Thank you all who read to the end!

Lots of love from all of us

Tat 😉



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  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    Thanks, once again, for sharing your life, family and projects. I so enjoy reading your posts. I retired this year and am enjoying sleeping in and getting some tasks done that should have been done long ago. Keep the pix coming. Love that little puppy! Thanks for rescuing him!

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