The Piggie is coming!

I am sooo excited! We are finally getting a house pig!wpid-2015011795181502.jpg

She will be here after 9th of February, when she will turn 8 weeks and like all good little piggies will go to her new home.  She is coming from Misti Rose Ranch here in MN.

While I feel bad about getting a piglet from the breeder, I don’t feel too bad. I honestly tried contacting a person who was looking for a new home for their piggie, and got no response. Besides, when you are surrounded by three legged, blind, toothless and just plain old, sometimes you just want a baby that had a little better start in life. I think it gives hope, feeling that not all is bad and lost.

As all the animals in the house grow old and older, there will be a little (or not so little) piggie growing up and giving us something to look forward too .

Because one day there might be no dog to get in the trash, no cat to puke on the couch, no bird to scream in your ear..and it will be sad…and lonely… and empty.

Pictures to follow



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1 Response to The Piggie is coming!

  1. Mary Henderson says:

    Looking forward to pictures of Porky!


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