Pig update.


Pig sugar cookies


Rosie on her first day home


Pig jam pies


    We picked up Rosie on February 10th. She had something wrong with her shoulder, the breeder said, and was limping. The breeder offered us another piglet, but we have already fallen in love and when you are in love, a little bit of a limp does not matter. To celebrate the occasion, we made pig sugar cookies and pig jam pies 😉

Her birthday is 12/13/14! How fun is that!

Now she is 5 months old and about twice bigger than she was when we brought her home. She is like a princess balancing carefully on tiny high heels. And strong like a little tank!

We are not letting her into the main house yet, but the dogs are extremely curious. Not sure if it is the right kind of curiosity though. They know better that to get close to the outside pigs, Cerce takes on a Dane with no problems. So we’ll wait till Rosie gets a bit bigger, a bit more intimidating.



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1 Response to Pig update.

  1. Mary H says:

    What a great little darling! How is the weather in MN?? Love seeing your family grow….


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