Some days you just want to cry.

The Ferret Died.


The Cat.

The feral Cat was captured by mistake, escaped from the cage and is bouncing off the walls in the cat apartments.

Half of my tomato seedlings, all my peppers and Shasta Daisy plant Alice gave me got dumped on the floor by Grandma and trampled. That included all the hot peppers too. In all, probably about 20-25 seedlings. Three months of work…dumped. I am sure it was an accident, but still…

The trees that I was so painstakingly planting into pots last fall, hoping to save them from winter cold, all dead but one. They were in the greenhouse all winter and even had new shoots this year. Somewhere I did something wrong, I am sure. I’ll give them some more time, maybe they’ll come back.

The Husband is going out of town again for work. And my Birthday sucked…

Oh, and Rosie Pig is turning out to be quite a pain in the bum.

Now that I got it off my chest, maybe things will get better. I hope. But some days you just want to curl up and cry.


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2 Responses to Some days you just want to cry.

  1. Mary H says:

    sorry you’re having such a bad day. Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug….


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