Life goes on.

wpid-20150511_112155.jpg We ran out of poo.

What I mean is that we finally used up the four year old pile of composted horse manure. So we had to buy dirt. I can’t stand black dirt, but that is all they use here for gardening. Sigh…

Here is the garden progress as of today.

Tomatoes are almost all in the ground, 19 so far. So are the cabbages, peppers, some dill and onions. Potatoes are in too. It’s been busy. Good busy, with love.

Fruit trees are moved to the new location by the house. And the pear tree, whose roots were eaten by some rotten underground creature is doing good in a bucket of water. It got leaves and some teeny rootlets. Hopefully it will root enough to be planted this season.

The lilacs are planted by the back fence in the garden. The thought is, that when they mature, they will serve as a pretty fence between us and the farmer’s field as I do not enjoy looking at soy beans, not to mention corn. Looks like they all took nicely. We would like to order more next year from the county.

The Silky Dogwood all survived the winter. This year we planted Redozier Dogwood. It has pretty red branches, while the Silky is more green. Looking good so far. 

Golden Currants that were planted earlier this year all have leaves on them.

On the downside, the tiny hazelnuts and crab apples are not doing so hot.  But I am thinking at $28 for a bunch of 25 trees we can afford to lose some. I would rather not, of course 😉

Strawberries survived the winter too. Hopefully we’ll get some berries, this is the second year. Last year we ordered three types from Stark Bros nursery: Jewel, Sparkle and EarlyGlo . I do like pretty names 😉 and just could not bring myself to grow strawberry that’s called Honeoey…I mean, what the heck it that?

Last night Alice made Rhubarb Crumble from this year’s rhubarb. Yumm!

Some Kale, Scotch and Russian and green onions are happily growing in pots.

Life goes on. As it should. 😉

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