Garden in June and other goings on.

wpid-20150701_135734.jpgCucumbers, Squash, Pumpkins and cabbages are all in.

Chickens got their wings clipped, so they don’t fly over the garden fence, feathery bastards πŸ˜‰

Two out of three sheep got sheared.

There were 7 chicks that hatched and one hen is still sitting on a clutch.

Ordered more Black Consort Currants, thinking that what I had planted were red ones. As a result now we have a bucket load of Black Consort…Oh well, I do like them better than red anyway, but it would be nice to have a variety.

Also ordered two types of red Rhubarb , Valentine and Starkrimson, they are supposed to be sweeter that green on we have. Will see how that will do. I am thinking it would be fun to have different ones.

Strawberries are coming in! EarlyGlo was first to ripen. Then Sparkle. Jewell is still green. on most evenings we can get a small bowl for dinner. What fun! And here I thought that we won’t get any at all, and was really worried that they will taste horrible, because we had some sort of nutritional deficiency that was showing on the leaves.wpid-20150614_081214.jpg

EarlyGlo tastes like a conventional strawberry, while Sparkle is sweeter and seems to be more fragrant. Both taste awesome, but I was surprised to notice the difference.

Planted some flowers and more are waiting to go in. Was surprised to see that Purple Coneflower did not make it through the winter. Black Eye Susan and lilies did though. Will try planting some Shasta daisies, maybe they will make it. I do like daisy family!

Grapes survived, but all roses are dead. Como Park easy Elegance was supposed to be tough, and we did not even have too harsh of a winter, but no…dead.

Planted Borealis Honeyberries, but will need another variety Β for pollination.. I remember as a kid, going to the woods with my Grandma, back in Russia, to gather wild honeyberries, I must have been about six.

Ordered Jostaberries. No clue what they are. Β πŸ˜‰

With garden stuff getting more and more straightened out, I start thinking of working on the house a bit more. Maybe paint something, lighten things up. Looking for inspiration on cottage style sites, blogs and books.

And we need to get back on the roof…sigh.wpid-20150702_105431.jpg

Will be updating. Life is good! πŸ˜‰

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