Winter gardening attempt.

October 28th, 2015.

It was snowing today.

Tried some fall/winter gardening. Have planted and by now covered some radishes, turnips (Tokyo market turnip is the best turnip ever! It’s small, sweet and even the leaves are not fuzzy and good in salads), spinach, chard and kale. We used wire hoops and frost blankets from Greenhouse  Megastore. Bought 10g wire at Lowes and cut it in 5ft pieces. Blankets are held in place with cloths pins. We’ll se how well it holds and how long it will last.

Still have dill poking out between cabbage leaves, parsley and cilantro in large pots, pineapple sage (no clue what to do with it, but looks pretty).

Put both rose pots in the greenhouse. Wisteria is still outside, will need to bring it in, when it hibernates.

Two tiny bay leaf trees got brought into the sunroom, as well as all the lemon and grapefruit trees that were grown from seed And we have a tiny Meyer lemon on a tree!! (PIC) I ordered it from Stark Bros nursery. I do hope it makes it 😉


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