Winter is over.

March 14, 2016.

Another winter is over. A little overview is in order.

It wasn’t too bad as far as winters go. But we did have some losses.

Two out of four potbelly piggies died. Pignelope and Calypsow now live by the Raindbow Bridge. They will be missed.




We lost almost our entire crop of potatoes and quite a lot of squash and pumpkins due to improper storage. And all the pickles gone too fermented and ended up in the compost.


Some Dog Updates.



A  little middle aged dog came to live with us around November. He, apparently stopped fitting in with his family. We didn’t ask questions. We changed his name to Spike. Nice chihuahua name!


Speaking of dogs…a lot of them really starting to show their age. Moss is getting bold spots and has hard time getting up two or three steps. He wouldn’t use the ramp though. Something will need to be figured out. I try to keep him active and take him to the barn to run around, but he comes back to the house after a few obligatory barks at the horses and asks to be let in. He is 12 years old. Good age for a Border Collie.

Puzzle can’t get up on our  bed any more. She has lost some weight and her back end is a bit more wiggly that usual. It’s a wonder she  can walk at all, but Gold bead Implant did wonders for her Wobblers. She is 10.5 years old, it’s a lot for a giant dog.


Puzzle and Wasabi sharing water bowl

Comfort is completely deaf now, poor thing. Who knows how old she is? At least 15. She needs her teeth done, but I am not sure it will be safe at her age. So we are trying to keep it going with brushing and chewy treats. So far so good.



On a lighter note, Alice turned 21 this year. We are super proud of her! It does you heart good to see your kid turn into a great person.   20160113_213932.jpg











Time to start the seeds 😉 Spring is coming!


Frank tilling the area for future attached greenhouse




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