New season.

July 18, 2016.


20160525_182338.jpgI have been sitting on this post for a few months. Things always start happening too fast in spring. You barely start you seeds and before you know it things got out of control and you have seven foot tall weeds and your cilantro is bolting. In fact, my spinach bolted while still in the jugs!

Speaking of Wintersown jugs…they did wonderful! I had lavender, cosmos, spinach, four o’clocks, even kiwi! Well, kiwi was from the fruit we ate, and it actually rotted after sprouting, but it came up!


Sprouting !

So below is the post from March and it is quite overdue. Let’s hope that in the future I will be more diligent with keeping our blog up to date.

Thanks for reading

Tat 😉


May 15, 2016.

It is the start if the new gardening season. It’s warm, well, sort of ( still had to cover tomatoes last night). New project  ideas are buzzing in our heads. So many fun things to do! Where to start?

Seeds started. 20160310_130433.jpg

This year I tried Wintersowing method. I started some seeds in OJ  and vinegar jugs, I’ve been saving. This wonderful lady invented it and it actually works. I have Lavender coming up! And I never had it sprout.


You can read all about it on 20160519_143357.jpg

Started on the attached greenhouse. Ran out of PVC pipes and some other things, so it’s on hold for now. You can see my winter sown OJ jugs sitting on the ground. I did about 30 starting in March and by now most sprouted.20160410_163129.jpg

  Big step this year, we are getting bees!!

20160514_152947.jpgThis will have a separate post. But you can see on the picture the two beehives set up. They are Warre hives with transfer boxes on top, to transfer nucs of bees that were in the standard Langstroth hive into Warre. They came from Warre store. We still need to add wood chips on top of the cardboard. We are picking up the bees on May 22 from Bolton Bees here in MN (

We sold some of the hens and a spare rooster. I really wanted to get some Jersey Giants, but at the last moment something swayed me and I ordered dark brown egg layer collection. Only 6. And 6 female ducklings, as we have overabundance of male ducks and girls getting a bit harassed. They are coming in June. From Ideal Poultry.


From Field and Forest.  Winecaps, Bluits and Almond agaricus. See what happens. Will do a separate post once something starts happening.


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2 Responses to New season.

  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    You really are a wonder! How do you all you do? I appreciate your thoughts, ideas and opinions about planting and growing. I did container gardening this year and am over run with tomatoes. Something I have never been able to grow before. Going on potassium overload!!! Keep sharing with us, I know I love it! HUGS


    • Tat says:

      Thank you, Mary, for your kind words and encouragement. Being over run with tomatoes os a great thing!”You can freeze them if you have room. Makes for good soup and sauce in winter times. We even made salsa from frozen tomatoes. Canning of course is an option, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Hugs 😉


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