July 2016

July 23, 2016.

It seems that the garden is so slow in coming this year. Had half a dozen ripe tomatoes, Esterina and one ripe Stupice. About a dozen cukes. A few cabbages, Copenhagen market, herbs, of course. Afew Zucchini, Astia and Odessa, baby spaghetti squash, Makaronova Warszawska.    BTW, I love Astia zucchini, it has such beautiful leaves!                          20160721_105401.jpg

Harvested garlic from last year. None of the softneck variety made it. Hardneck Chamisal did pretty good, especially since half the bed collapsed into the gofer tunnel.

And a lot of potato bugs…sigh. I do hope no one minds very much that I did not take pictures of them. Eeeew!

We tried washing them off  with the blast of water, picking them off, squishing . They came back. In desperation I looked up chemicals and came across Spinosad, which is apparently natural. I ordered it from Amazon. We hooked the bottle to the hose and sprayed. It’s been a week, so far no bugs have come back. Sadly, there has been quite a bit of damage done to the leaves. We probably won’t have much of a potato crop this year. Oh well… you live and learn. Will spray sooner next year.




New favorite garden tool, reel mower. No electricity, no cords, no gas. Grab and go. 14inch wide mower fits perfectly between the garden beds, light and easy to use. Very happy!



Started some winter seeds today : spinach, herbs, greenhouse cukes (Tyria ansd Picolino). I think if I try hard enough I will get us some fresh vegetables to eat in winter.

Keep trying and growing.

Trowel and error!

Thanks for reading

Tat 😉


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