August 2016.

August 19, 2016.





4lb cabbage! Now, I like that! This is Coppenhagen market and I started it from seed. Very tender and sweet. Perfect for salad, but a bit too soft for Russian Pickled cabbage.

Will grow this one for sure next year.




Next year’s garden is going to be small. It is time to think about how to garden smarter and not harder. We need to move the berry plants and define the tilled garden beds better. I want to mulch decent size paths between the beds and make them permanent, so we can transition into no till garden.

I would like to turn the front section of the garden into kitchen garden with raised beds of different sizes with wire on the bottom to protect us from the pesky gophers and moles.

And all the beds will need their soil amended.

Not to mention a ton of other projects that need to be done.

So this is the plan. We’ll see ho I stick to it.

Bee check.


Chocolate hive, second box



Chocolate hive, bottom box.


Chocolate hive now has three boxes while Vanilla has grown up to four.


A little bit of honeycomb broke off. Super exiting! Our own bit of honey with our own bee on it 😉


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