January 2017.


January 31, 2017.

And here is the first month of the year already gone by. I would like this to be a positive blog post.

Alice turned 22 this month. As I was snowed in a few days ago and could not go to the store to buy ingredients for the cake she wanted (raspberry lemon), I had to make do with what we had. As the result we ended up with a very tasty and pretty looking three layer cake


As usual, we went shopping for her birthday. It has been the tradition for a long time . We usually do dinner as well, but this year we were all so tired, that were perfectly content with lunch and ice cream. When we got home we made Lazy Lasagna and had cake, of course



Apparently, on January 16th, 2011, we came out here to look at the house for the first time. There was someone’s car was stuck in the driveway and we had to walk up to the house knee deep in snow. The moldy carpet stank and bare logs in the basement ceiling made my jaw drop.

Frank said…well…I can’t put it in writing what exactly he had said about the house…But we ended up buying it after all  😉


The days are getting longer. It will be time to start the seeds soon. I must remember not to do a whole lot of them. This year should be a year of improvements in the garden, shed and fence building, project finishing and general betterment (is it a word?) of the property.


Thanks for reading





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