February 2017.

February 28, 2017.


Since I don’ t like cut flowers, my dear husband got me this pretty little hyacinth for Valentine’s day.  I will try again this year to replant the bulb. Don’t have much luck with bulbs. Someone told me squirrels probable eat them. Well, it that case i don’t mind, but just in case I will put more food out for them, so my pretty little flower can grow 😉

As I was really sick on Valentine’ s, the only thing I was able to make for dessert was chocolate chip cookies and even they burnt a little. We had them warm with ice cream and fudge wp-1487124381473.jpg

wp-1488898181012.jpg Meyer lemon tree bloomed. The smell is unbelievable! It is very small and it seems to be wanting to make up for that with the wonderful scent 😉



This is our Nice jar. Every day we put a piece of paper with something nice that happened for the day. I think we’ve been keeping up pretty good since the first of the year.





Don’t recall the date, but here we are, cleaning the driveway! Well, here I am with the snow blower. Funny enough, we still don’t regret the move to Minnesota 😉


Thanks for reading.



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