March 2017.

March 31, 2017.

It is warm and no snow. We’ve had it as high as 60 degrees! Of course it did not stick around for long, but the fact itself is pretty amazing 😉

Of course now I am kicking myself for not starting the seeds sooner, as it appears that we might have an early spring after all. On the other hand, it is nice to feel that you are doing something when you are ready,  and not because you have to. And I do have a feeling that I am getting very close to catching my tail after all. It is still too far for comfort, but I can see it getting closer 😉

One of the nice things that happened this month is that we bought a new couch and an armchair. Here is Phoebe on the chair, she likes it a lot. wp-1490730610644.jpg

It gave the whole living room a nice old english feeling with wood paneling abd ceiling beams. And added bonus is that Alice does not have to take allergy meds any more when she stays over, as leather does not get as dusty as the fabric. It feels nice to buy something new, we have lived off of Craigslist for so long!

So as far as seeds go, I started tomatoes, peppers, some herbs and flowers. Seriously downsizing this year to concentrate on other projects. It was heartbreaking not to sow all the tomatoes I wanted. And it will be more so not to plant all that came up.

Bees.  Please click on the link for an update.

It was nice today. I filled the pools for the ducks and threw the rest of our pumpkins for the piggers to play with. Circe liked it , I think.

And here is the bathroom wall being put up. Like I said, the tail is getting closer. We started making a short list of projects for every weekend we are off together, and were able to stick to it pretty good. The key word is ‘short’, so it is not overwhelming.wp-1489352658822.jpg

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