April 2017.

Wow, it’s the middle of may and I20170408_151459 am still working on April post!

It is definitely getting busy here. And it is the way we like it. There is , though, always certain anxious feeling that there are so many fun things to do and not enough time to do them in. Like a kid in a candy shop having a tantrum because he can’t have all the candy at once…

20170408_151442 These are my Gerbera daisies, by the way, Frank got them for my birthday last year. I am really pleased that they last and come back every spring. In pots inside, of course. I made a mistake once and planted them out, and, of course, they died in winter.

20170408_151241 Wintersowing is great! I tried to control myself and not start a ton of seeds, as I really want the garden to be smaller this year, so we can concentrate on projects around the property. Here are some of the jugs sitting in the sunroom.


20170408_151324-1And tomato and pepper seedling, of course, these I simply enjoy starting in cups and watching them grow. There are some marigolds and calendulas as well.





This is our beautiful laundry room addition all finished!


The brains of the operation


Me helping out with the trim


The last snow


Molly, Suzy and the chicken



Daisy duck and her favorite hens, unfortunately this duck became foxes breakfast.

Thanks for reading

Tat 😉


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