January 2018. Part 1. Sad.

This month’s post will have to be in two parts. Because it is difficult to group together things that are so different in nature.

When someone asks you, good news or bad news first, what do you pick?  I always picked bad news first. At least I will have something good to look forward to.  But in reality no one wants to hear sad or bad news. And I am no exception.

So will start with the sad news.

Frank’s Mom had a stroke and passed away a week later. That was rather unexpected. Unfortunately I have no pictures of her.

Within a week of this sad event we lost my beloved old and grumpy pig, Circe, and my gentle horse , Secret.

I am still broken up about all this, so won’t talk much and will only post the pictures.



As always, they will be missed.

Love to all



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