January 2018. Part 2. Not sad.

Life does go on. And that as it should be. No one can or should stay sad forever.

So this month the huge event happened. The Child went to Germany (Berlin) for the whole month and not only survived the travel and the time there, but passed with flying colors, in our opinion.

I do need to mention, that she did this with only one semester of German under her belt, and this language is no picnic! Apparently people over there were so impressed that they gave her a scholarship. For guts!

And let me tell you, after all the sad things we’ve had going on at home, this was like a little shining star cheering us on.

I do have some pictures from the trip, but hoping that I will get more from her at some point.

She also had to spend her 23rd birthday away from home. But it does look like good times were had by all.

‘Sometimes you just have to go away , so you can come back. It is not the same as never having left’  Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full Of Sky.

Between the worlds.

And this is how it all started.



As always,

Thanks for reading

Tat 😉


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  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    Great pictures! She looks like she is having fun and made some good friends! Thanks for sharing!

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