May 2018

Month of May started really nice. We were able to give home to yet another four legged friend. Meet Cheery, the mini hinny. For people who don’t know (and we were among them until that fine day on May 5, 2018), hinny is an offspring of the female horse and male donkey. Mule is the other way around.

She came from a neglected situation, is very shy and adores our mare Summer. She was estimated to be about 12 years old.

More Cheery pictures.

After such a pleasant start things got downhill pretty quick. In about 10 days after Cheery joined the household, the mare fell ill. The vet said it was enteritis. The cause is unknown and the treatment is a poke in the dark. Antibiotics may or may not have helped. For three weeks I went to the barn every hour, and every time held my breath, thinking Summer is no longer with us.

Ever so slowly she got better, and then a bit more, and another bit better. I would have her in the fenced garden with me not caring that she is eating my strawberry beds, as long as she was eating something. The vets became members of the family during that time. We were poking her with huge doses of antibiotics twice a day. It was bad…

I cried when she started eating and drinking on her own…


Then just when this whole horse story was coming to an end, Skittles got into an accident and there was an emergency vet trip and lots of stitches.

Skittly is all good now.


Meanwhile, Suzy Ewe got sheared

New free ducks came to live with us

The apples and the lilacs were blooming.

Honey got squeezed.

Garden beds prepared.

And birthday celebrated before work with the home made birthday log šŸ˜‰

Also Dino went to Vegas

And Pussy Willows bloomed . And bees were seen getting water from the dirt in the planters.

Rosy came out of the barn. She does need her feet trimmed, time to buy ear plugs.


And Alice got her own little tiny housie poo.

Moby went to live with my Mom, and now is thoroughly enjoying havin a human of his very own.


And just some pictures

Thank you all who read till the end

Hugs šŸ˜‰



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  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    I look forward to hearing about your expanding family! You’re an angel! Great pictures and blessings for all!


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