June 2018.

No tails lost this month.  Makes us happy 😉

Bees are beesy. Currants and gooseberries are coming along. Weeds too…but I did not take pictures 😉


Bees drinking water from the wet potting soil. I filled the box with dirt and keep it wet, close to the hives, they like it.


Ducks in their yard

Our grandrats were visiting while Alice was painting her house. I like having them here. Aren’t these little hands and feet just so adorable!!

Phoebe, Cleo and Susie Ewe

Moving into Alice’s new house. Complete with the newly painted front door, mattress that had to be taken down the ladder  from the roof of our house , as the stairs are too narrow, some weird patch of concrete that was under the carpet and the horse trailer full of furniture and stuff.

More garden

Von Fox family, one for each of us. Made by a Russian artist Irina Babaiko. From left to right Vincent, Neville and Penelope.  We were on the waiting list for about 6 months for these litttle guys. Aren’t they special? More on the Doll page.

In Alice’s front yard.

More of our yard and garden and us ;).

Many years ago, back in Colorado. About 2009-2010, I think. Interesting fact, that I never noticed the mountains when we lived there, but they do look inpressive.

Thanks for reading 😉




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