About Remus the Red Dog.

Two weeks ago Remus, the red Border Collie was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma. It progresses fast. As I am writing this, we are not sure if he will make it through the next few days. It is always a difficult decision to help the animal along to the Rainbow Bridge.


We’ve had Remus since 2009. He was about three when we got him and we were his last hope. Previous owner was going to put him down if no one adopted him. Remus is mortally afraid of thunder. To the point of breaking though the window and running off into the traffic. For 9 years we’ve tried every possible trick and drug to help him with it and nothing worked. He landed me in the hospital and out of work for 4 months after I tried to break up the dog fight and got bitten, my damaged hand will always remind me of our Red Dog. He always lays by my feet in the kitchen and he used to get in the fights with Sirius, the black border Collie. And he loves hanging out in the sewing room. Until a few years ago, when he had a neck injury and it became difficult to get up the stairs, he slept on our bed and all night sucked on the corner of the blanket.

We gave him nine years of, what we think is a happy dog life. We helped him then and we are going to help him now.

My only regret is that in was only nine short years.

We are responsible for those we’ve tamed.

Love to all



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