New year is well under way.

It is definitely past the time for a new blog post. Winter is almost over. I think we are expecting the last snow storm this week, 10 inches! At least i hope it’s the last. We sure had a lot of snow this season!

The ice dam on the roof was the biggest in 8 years!

Some of our furry children did not seem to mind the snow so much 😉

Rosie, on the other hand made us worry . On very cold days she refused to get out of her nest andf we had to feed her with the spoon, like this. She also had oatmeat cooked just for her. Well, she shared with the other barn dwellers, she is nice that way .


Cheery also did not fare so well over the winter. Cold was making her stiff and hard to move around, but she she was doing reasonably well untill this last week. So the doctor is coming out to see her. Hoping for the best.

Susie ewe did well, as far as we can tell.

Ducks, geese and chickens did fine. We have not lost anyone. And here was the first egg, sometime in February, I believe. You know spring is sure coming when you get an egg 😉

Snow on the barn roof…sliding off…and it fell

Then things started melting

One of the weekends we put together our thrift store find.

And the puppy got spayed


And Remus went to the Bridge on january 29th. We miss him. A lot.


Thank you all who read till the end

Happy spring!

Tat 😉


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  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    Thanks, Tat! Love seeing what is going on in MN. Your animals look healthy and happy. I’m sure they will appreciate Spring’s warmer weather. Hope the snow is light and airy and that you continue writing. Not sure I know where you get all the energy! HUGS

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