Finally another post.

Summer is over.32878.jpegIt was rainy and seemed short. But had color nonetheless 🙂

Strawberry pickimg at Dew Fresh farms

Our own berries. Not much, but ours 😉

Alice graduated from college!

We went shooting for father’s day


Ted and Lacey, senior puppy mill survivors,  came to live with us.

We also lost Skittles at 17 years of age. The hedgehog and both Parrots also went to the Bridge over the summer. They were loved and will be missed.

And then the summer was over.

Love to all

Thanks for reading



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1 Response to Finally another post.

  1. Mary Carleen Henderson says:

    So sorry about losing your little friends. I know they had an awesome life on your farm! Great picture of you and Frank on Father’s Day. Our summer in Idaho was short and mostly cold. Not much luck growing my garden, but learned a lot about why. Snow today here. Supposed to be a tough winter. Take care of yourself and family. Congratulations to Alice. What is she going into? Have fun this winter. Keep the blog coming. It’s fun hearing about how things are going. HUGS

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